Online Backup

A.D. Tech Solutions has partnered with Gillware Online Backup, one of the leading online backup companies, to assist you in backing up and protecting your precious data.

The first 2 GB of data that are backed up are completely free.  If you have 2 GB of data or less, you never have to pay for the security of an online backup.

Click the image below to begin the download of the online backup software and then follow the prompts to create your account.  This will start your free 2 GB backup.

Our online backup solution allows you to specify the importance of files, file types, and folders. For example, small business owners typically set QuickBooks files to be most important followed by documents, spreadsheets, and lastly photos and music. Backing up your data online takes time and since our solution knows which items are most important, it makes sure to back them up first. You can also get an email report showing the status of your backups grouped by level of importance.

Some Online Backup Features

Windows Integrated UI

Gillware Remote Backup is there for you any time you right click on a file. The service is intuitive, automated, and seamlessly integrated into Windows.

Local Copy

The software can also be configured to keep a local copy of mission critical data. In the event of a non-catastrophic failure, data can be restored instantly using Gillware Remote Backup.

Data Backup Auditing

Audit files and logs are reviewed periodically and cross-referenced against the data currently selected for backup. Any discrepancies are discussed with the client and the appropriate changes to his or her backup schedule are made.

World-Class Customer Support

We take pride in providing world-class customer support for our clients. Our North American technical support team is located at our headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.

Automated Backup Scheduling

Backups are initiated automatically. The user determines what files, folders, and file types to back up and how often backups occur. Gillware Remote Backup does the rest.

Multiple Revision Level Backups

Gillware Remote Backup saves versions of your files as they are archived. It allows you to not only get back the most recent copy of your file, but to get back a version of the work you saved days or years ago. By default, you will keep 5 revisions of each file, but you can customize this per file or folder. Gillware Remote Backup would allow you to keep thousands of versions of any file, if needed.

Multi-Layer Encryption

Data is encrypted prior to transmission and remains encrypted while on Gillware Data Services backup servers.