Flat Rate Services

Virus Removal/Advanced Clean - $89.90
Remove Virus and "clean" computer of all junk files, malicious programs, start up programs and anything lse that makes your computer slow down.  Please see our Virus Removal Page for more details. 

Operating System Reinstall - $119.00
Install or re-install a licensed Operating System, such as in the case of a Hard Drive replacement, or virus that has a corrupted Operating System.  Windows and macOS.

New PC Setup - $119.00
When you purchase a new PC (either from us or from somewhere else) we will get everything ready to go for you.  We'll transfer your files and software from your old machine to the new machine, run all security updates, setup your email account(s), install and configure antivirus and anything else needed to securely use your new computer.  We'll even come to your home and set it up for you.

File Transfer - $34.95
Transfer or backup of data to another machine (separate from the New PC Setup) or other source

Drive Wipe - $19.95
Destroys any data on a Hard Drive to make is unrecoverable.  Recommended before disposing of old equipment.

Installation of Desktop Add-on Card (video card, sound car, RAM, etc) - $19.95

Other Rates

On Site Work - $59.95 per hour
If you don't feel like messing with computer cables or the issue just has to be worked on at your location, we will come to your house or office and address the issue there.

In Shop Rate - $49.95 per hour
For those troublesome issues that don't fit into the Flat Rate options.

Mileage - $0.88 per mile
This is for travel outside of the Clarion area.